~ Jab we met🎸~


I lay supine on my bed with a packet of chips and my laptop, watching Shawn Mendes covers. I open another tab and listen to his live concert. He looked striking! and of course extremely charming with that guitar. The happier than ever audience, bleeding with excitement, screamed the lyrics at the top of their lungs. Ahhh! Wish I could be one of them. Fantasising, I close the tab and start watching the covers again, observing and mimicking their expressions and holding an imaginary guitar as I sang along. My voice sounded awful(honestly) but I enjoyed the whole thing (including the fake scenarios in my head).

Guitar. The ‘cool’ guitar. I wanted to play it too! The only thing I ever knew was that ‘I wanted to be the popular one who plays covers on guitar’. Engaging in intense vorfreude; was practically everything…

Just bathroom singing every day, alluring the ‘acoustic atmosphere’ and singing (screaming) was pretty much, how I spent most of my day. Posing with an imaginary guitar in my hand was another thing I was good at(I mean literally). This kind of dreaming was the only thing that encouraged me to keep ‘dreaming’. I wasn't even sure I’d get a guitar or not. Because convincing your parents is the most arduous thing in this whole world(c’mon! this can't be more relatable). But guess what! I convinced them(you may thank me or them; though I’d like to take the credits please). I finally got ‘MY GUITAR’ two weeks before my birthday, putting an end to my vivid guitarist ‘imaginations’. The first few days were quite euphoric. But then, I spent several weeks eating humble pie about ‘why I thought learning this thing would be easy ’!! It wasn't one bit, trust me. I can’t deny, it was also really boring sometimes. But it got interesting as we moved from the scale memorization part to the chords! The thought of me being able to ‘strike the chords’ and play my favourite song was enough to make me hyper excited. Now that I have learned how to play a whole song on the guitar, I really respect and appreciate the uncountable tries and effort the guitarist put into uploading even a 3-minute cover…

Not a huge fan of cliches either, but I wouldn't resist my thoughts, just to sound aesthetic. The journey has been fun till now, and I plan to enjoy every bit of it in the future. I try to sing better, (apparently trying not to squeak), most importantly I try to sing from my heart. Now I enjoy it more than ever! I am even planning on buying a new guitar !! These have been hands down the best eight months ever. ‘This cool dude’ has become my homie now! Haha! I know it sounds crazy…

So, the story ends with ‘happily ever after ’(I hope so)!!!


optimistic realist.

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