My Nihilism: Your right to believe and choose.




the rejection of all religious and moral principles, in the belief that life is meaningless.

I bet you might have read the ‘literal google meaning’ above and I’m sure you also must have thought that it is ‘so atheist of me to write on such a topic’. I don't blame you one bit. I once also thought this was pseudo agnostic stuff. I read up on Nihilism and I was downright obsessed with it.

The philosophy clearly states that LIFE IS MEANINGLESS AND HAS NO PURPOSE, which is right in a way. You could be there at one moment and go by another. You don't really matter in the big picture. That’s it. You don't matter, your life without a purpose. Yes, I get it. It seems quite depressing and gloomy. But then I came across “Optimistic Nihilism”.

Optimism. A choice. A choice to see the goodness in life no one can see. A choice to make the worsts in life better and beautiful.

So according to this ‘optimistic nihilist’ ideology, the fact that your life is meaningless is exactly what will inspire you to make it. This makes sense, doesn't it? Suppose, your friends call you worthless; so as a human tendency, you try to prove the point that you aren't worthless. Throughout your journey of ‘proving’, you get the opportunity to develop, learn and grow as an individual. This is positivity!

In this way, your life which is like a blank canvas; colourless and empty, encourages you to make it colourful; the way you want, develop it the way you like. And you end up turning your ‘once meaningless life’, into the one YOU LOVE.

I think that doing something, believing in something etc. is one’s CHOICE that should be appreciated and respected. Nihilism, which is defined as ‘rejecting certain rules of a society can also be perceived as ‘living your life on your own terms. Hence, it all comes down to YOUR perspectives and YOUR positive choices!

ps. I wrote this at 12: 02 am lol. This is weird. byeee.


optimistic realist.

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